• • It mandatory to take Authorized Guide with each vehicle after paying requisite fees before entering any protected area.
    • Minimum distance of 50 meters should be maintained between two vehicles in any protected area.
    • It is mandatory to show the park Entry Pass and/or Identity proof, upon demand by any Forest Official, when traversing through any protected area.
    • Try to wear nature merging coloured clothes, like....Beige, Green, Browns when visiting any protected area.
    • Maximum permissible speed of any vehicle when traversing through any protected area should not exceed 20 kmph.
    • It is mandatory to keep a minimum distance of 20 meters from any wildlife, in case any wild animal comes near your vehicle, please do not move your vehicle, instead stay stationery and give passage to the wild animal.


  • • Do not try to feed, tease or chase the animals.
    • Do not carry arms, explosives or intoxicants inside the Park.
    • Do not carry passenger more than permitted capacity of vehicle including driver and guide.
    • Do not get down from vehicle at any place except at authorized places.
    • Do not play any music instrument or play song on mobile or any other instrument while on safari.
    • Do not lean out of vehicle or get down from one vehicle and board in other vehicle .
    • Do not stay at a place for sighting wild animal more than 5 minutes.
    • Do not throw plastic or any object ( bottle tin, packets ) out of your vehicle / park.
    • Do not overtake other tourist vehicle , follow one way rules where applicable.
    • Do not shout while sighting the animal or otherwise.
    • Shutdown your mobile and reverse horn of vehicle while on jungle safari in core.
    • Do not bring your Pet Animals.

Jurisdiction for Legal Matters and Indemnity to Govt of UP and its Employee

  • • Tourists are visiting in the Protected Areas at their own risk and Govt. of Uttar Pradesh or its employees shall not be responsible for any loss of life or of property or disability resulting from any accident or incident with in the Protected Areas.
    • All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts.